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When you are facing criminal charges you need someone who is going to aggressively, passionately, and persuasively fight on your behalf.

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Maintain liberties. What does that mean to you as you face criminal charges?

  • Maintaining your freedom.
  • Maintaining your employability.
  • Maintaining your ability to vote.
  • Maintaining your financial resources.

Defense Attorney Maloney has proven time and again that he vigorously and relentlessly defends individuals against criminal charges.

How will Attorney Maloney provide the best possible defense for you?

Knowledge: Attorney Maloney is a seasoned legal warrior in criminal courts across the Commonwealth of Massachusetts (and New England) and has used his extensive knowledge of law to secure better outcomes for his clients.

Perseverance: Attorney Maloney has the legal knowledge and fortitude to "go to the mattresses" for all of his clients. His endurance is well known by judges, public defenders, and clients throughout New England. So well known is his skill in criminal defense that he has been nominated as a rising star three years in a row by Superlawyers, a panel of his peers.

Strategy: Attorney Maloney will forge a winning strategy, present compelling arguments and ensure your best possible outcome.

Negotiating Skills: In the courtroom your fate will be influenced by numerous factors. Attorney Maloney will help you understand and weigh your options and forge the best possible path.

Yes, facing criminal charges is intimidating and frightening.

The stress of facing the court system can be overwhelming and you never want to enter this arena without a powerful criminal defense lawyer by your side.

When you are represented by Attorney Michael Maloney, you can rest assured that every possibility for your defense will be identified, measured and pursued.

Take a proactive step for your future while facing criminal charges by calling Maloney Law today at 617-419-6719.

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