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January 4, 2018   In a surprise move this morning, Attorney General Jeff Sessions has made the public aware that he will be rescinding the Cole Memo later on today; an important Obama era document that directed U.S. Attorneys from seeking Federal legal action against individuals and businesses who engage in marijuana activities (except for […]

“Unequivocally, Massachusetts residents who are marijuana patients can also have a License to Carry a gun,” says Attorney Michael Maloney of Maloney Law in Brockton, MA.  He furthered his argument offering that recent changes in the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosive’s Form 4473, a Federal gun purchase application which asks the applicant to […]

The law is clear that a police inquiry in a routine traffic stop must end on the production of a valid license and registration unless the police have grounds for inferring that either the operator or his passengers were involved in the commission of a crime…or engaged in other suspicious conduct. Unfortunately, in the real […]