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Michael Maloney
Principal, Maloney Law

Attorney Experience


Since initiating his legal career, Attorney Maloney has been successfully fighting for the rights of individuals and entities alike in the greater New England market with a track record of success that his peers and clients admire.

Each case has built Attorney Maloney's portfolio of success in the courtroom showing him to be nimble, knowledgeable, and creative to get the best possible outcomes for his clients.

Attorney Maloney has cultivated a vested interest in the defense of cannabis professionals and businesses. He has proven to be a formidable adversary when it comes to defending against possession, cultivation, intent to distribute and trafficking allegations for defendants of all ages and backgrounds.

Education & Licenses

Attorney Maloney graduated from the New England School of Law and continues his legal education via numerous advanced courses: National Criminal Defense College (NCDC) in Macon, Georgia, NCDC’s Advanced Cross-Examination Techniques, and with a plethora of courses throughout Massachusetts.

Attorney Maloney is licensed to practice in:

  • States: Massachusetts, New York, New Mexico, and Nebraska
  • Federal: Massachusetts, Southern District of New York, Nebraska, and the First Circuit Appellate Court

About Mike

Mike is a compassionate and understanding criminal defense attorney for his clients, yet a fierce litigator in the courtroom. Mike lives to fight for his clients and strives to get the best outcome in every case.

After graduating from New England Law, Mike immersed himself in many political and judicial arenas throughout Massachusetts. When Article 12 passed in Massachusetts, thereby decriminalizing an ounce of cannabis in the Commonwealth, Mike’s criminal defense practice quickly expanded to include representation of numerous cannabis business clients. The practice now entails criminal defense representation and cannabis business development.

In Mike’s free time he loves spending time with his dog Yoshi and practicing Bikram yoga.

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