I have tried misdemeanors and life sentence felony cases throughout the commonwealth. No matter what your situation, don’t speak to anyone until you speak to an attorney. Don’t let your emotions drive your decisions or lead you further down the rabbit-hole.


I graduated New England Law in 2006 and was honored as one their top graduate in 2018. I initiated my career as a public defender for the Committee for Public Counsel Services (CPCS) before quickly transitioning to the private sector. After winning numerous high-profile cases, my practice expanded to include offices in Brockton and Boston. In addition to Massachusetts, I am also licensed in New York, Nebraska, & New Mexico along with numerous federal jurisdictions including the US Supreme Court.

I continue to attend, participate, and lecture at numerous continuing legal education clinics. I am a graduate of the National Criminal Defense College & Advanced Cross-Examination techniques in Macon, Georgia and have been honored by SuperLawyers as a Massachusetts Rising Star every year since 2014.


Maloney Law is committed to helping you reintegrate back into the community and reducing recidivism. Through our CORI Clinics, legal advocacy and sealing/expungement we help former clients get their life back on track.


A libertarian, I am keenly aware ‘alternative wellness,’ including the medical benefits cannabis provided to many of clients suffering from addiction. Thus, when Article 12 passed in Massachusetts in 2011, thereby decriminalizing one ounce or less of cannabis, I caught an early glimpse of the legal future surrounding alternative health and wellness. As a result, I and a partner launched Canna Care Docs, a medical cannabis evaluation facility specializing in the administration and facilitation of ‘making marijuana smokers’ legally able to smoke, cultivate, and possess their medicine. We sold the company in December 2017, which at the time included 180 employees operating in 7 states.

While many of our clients benefitted from cannabis and utilized Canna Care’s services to ‘become legal,’ many clients were being punished by the judicial system for testing positive for THC, the primary component in marijuana. This predicament led me to develop another company, CBD Thera, in January 2016. CBD is a hemp extract that affords the medical benefits of cannabis but without the THC. As a result, users do not get ‘high,’ and do not test positive for marijuana.

I continue to maintain an active presence in the alternative wellness community.


Mike’s team consists of paralegals, private investigators, criminalistics experts, social workers & community liaisons. The goal at Maloney Law is to help you navigate the legal system, maintain your liberty, and defend your constitutional rights.

Here at Maloney Law you're not a just a one-dimensional client that has just one need. I'll fight to win your case in the courtroom and to help you reintegrate back into the community after your case is over. During my ten years of experience at the state and federal level I have personally witnessed clients’ lack of employment opportunities, inadequate access to proper mental health treatment and lack of support adjusting to life after the case is over perpetuate their interaction with the judicial system. I will help break this cycle.


Mike Maloney

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Mike is from Plainville, MA. He grew up in a big Irish family with foster siblings and lots of dogs! Before his legal career Mike spent time traveling, teaching English to youth in Vietnam, hiking, and competing in triathlons. He now volunteers with addiction and recovery communities, supports alternative wellness techniques and advocates for restorative justice throughout the communities he serves.

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